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Eyebrow Dandruff Is a Thing—Here’s How to Treat It

There are a few things in life that you never expect: a free redesign on a flight, extend blemishes on your boobs, dandruff leaving your eyebrows. Truly, you read that right—eyebrow dandruff. At the point when my eyebrows all of a sudden seemed dry and flaky, I promptly went after my shedding cushions and my thickest lotion. Be that as it may, it turns out, shedding isn't the most ideal approach to treat what derms call seborrheic dermatitis.

"Seborrheic dermatitis is a fiery condition caused by a yeast that is wherever on the body, however a few people that are touchy to that yeast have a response," dermatologist Michelle Henry, M.D., lets self know. This yeast is called malassezia furfur, and it's a similar one that causes dandruff on the scalp. You can tell that it's seborrheic dermatitis and not simply dry skin on the grounds that the chips are substantial and sleek (think: wheat estimated scales), and it's somewhat harder to dispose of than regular dry skin. Additionally this skin looks somewhat red and bothered under the chips. Dry skin will be more uniform, influencing the entire face or body, for the most part doesn't have fundamental redness, and more often than not has a fine scale, as indicated by dermatologist Monique Chheda, M.D.

The essential driver of seborrheic dermatitis is hereditary qualities. Be that as it may, it can likewise be a consequence of specific solutions, including some mental drugs. What's more, as most skin-related conditions, stress can aggravate it.


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Seborrheic dermatitis can be anyplace there is hair on your body: the pubic zone, your face, your scalp, under the bosoms, around your tummy catch, on your butt, or the chest. Henry says seborrheic dermatitis has a tendency to occur in dim, clammy, slick regions, where yeast can flourish. "Hair-bearing zones that are oily or have more oil organs," she says. "Every hair has an oil organ joined to it so slickness certainly assumes a part." If you have seborrheic dermatitis in your forehead, you could likewise have it on your scalp, or it can be a segregated case.

When endeavoring to treat seborrheic dermatitis on your eyebrows, you can go after a portion of similar things that you use on your scalp. "You can utilize a hostile to dandruff cleanser, for example, Head and Shoulders or Selsun Blue, and tenderly foam the eyebrows and wash, taking consideration not to get it at you," says Chheda. Henry suggests utilizing saturating chemicals like Cerave Hydrating Cleanser and to search for fixings like niacinamide in your lotion to help diminish the irritation. Now and then more grounded medicines are required to treat seborrheic dermatitis. Your derm may endorse a hostile to parasitic cream that you can apply every day. In the event that it is extremely awful, derms will frequently recommend cortisone creams to enable quiet to down the irritation and scaling.

What you would prefer not to do is endeavor to peel those chips away (like I attempted to do). "Too much scouring the skin or utilizing brutal exfoliants may incidentally exacerbate the scaling and redness," says Chheda. You additionally would prefer not to evacuate the chips by drive. "You must be exceptionally watchful—expelling the chips can bother the skin and abandon you with open skin," says Henry. "It won't mend speedier. Forcefully evacuating the drops wouldn't dispose of the source." Henry likewise says that waxing and threading ought to be maintained a strategic distance from when you have an erupt. Likewise make a point to apply a cream before you put on cosmetics to get a smoother complete the process of (including forehead powder best of dry or oily drops can really influence them to look more discernible).

Sadly, seborrheic dermatitis isn't something that you can fix, however it is something you can treat. Flaky temples, begone.

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