Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Unicorn Horns Are the Next Crazy Braid Trend and They're Strangely Magical

As the truism goes: "Dependably act naturally, unless you can be a unicorn. At that point dependably be a unicorn."

Which is the correct exhortation that a few young ladies are taking of late. Unicorn hair used to imply that you colored your hair in cotton sweet hued shades, abandoning you with a look that gave your youth My Little Pony a keep running for its cash.

In any case, now, young ladies are wearing #UnicornHair in an exacting sense. The horn is made utilizing hair that is wrapped around a pig tail base. The key is to put your hair in a braid at the highest point of your head yet just force the pig tail through most of the way to make a circle of hair. At that point, you wrap your hair around the circle in a cone shape, abandoning you with this outcome:


Watch YouTuber Venus Angelic (who was obviously route comparatively radical) make her own one of a kind unicorn horn haircut in 2012 (quick forward to minute 10:15):

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